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Scattered Church - Part 8

Jul 12, 2020    Kyle Schafer
Your life is only in good hands, when it's in God's hands.

Group Questions

Discussion Starter:
What is an area of life where you want absolute control? How does not being control effect you personally?

Discussion Questions:

Read James 4:13-14

Kyle said, “We act as if we are in control and are surprised by life.” How do you act as if you’re in control of life? How do you respond when you are surprised by life and you discover you’re not in control?

Elephant in the room question: What are different ways people are responding to lack of control during the Covid-19 pandemic?

Read James 5:1-6

“We know we are not in control, so we grasp for control.”

When is a time in your life you realized that you’re not in control of your life? How do you see people trying to grasp control of life when they realize they are not in control?

How do you try to grasp control when you realize that you’re not in control?

Read James 4:15-17

How is boasting an expression of trusting in SELF?

How is acknowledging God in the plans of our life an expression of faith?

“Your life is only in good hands is when it is in God’s hands.” What holds you back from truly surrounding to putting your life in God’s hands?