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Worship at Valley View

The vision of the worship team here is to always be pointing people towards Jesus.  When we are leading worship, whether it’s with a microphone, drum stick, or computer, we want to influence those we are leading by reflecting such a passionate love for Christ that they can sense His glory and power.

Worship is why we were created. We were created to be in community with God and others. Worship is everything that you do in adoration of God in accordance with biblical teaching. Our worship to God is not limited to music; it begins with our lives throughout the week and expresses itself in the communal act of a Sunday morning gathering. Worship creates a path of easy access to God and it lifts the heaviness of worldly burdens (Isaiah 61-62).

Considering joining the worship or tech team here?

The Worship Department at Valley View welcomes new members and encourages the use of a wide range of talents. We cannot promise that everyone who wants to be involved will be able to. Individuals desiring to serve in the Worship Department must have a heart for worship and an attitude for humility. Particular gifting in a certain area is important, but one must realize that the platform and tech booth are a means of leading others in God-honoring worship.