“Hi. My name is Jim! Deep down inside we know that it’s not good to always be alone.  For most of us, it’s still much easier to keep our heads down and build a life with few close relationships.  We are often told that if we just dig a little deeper and pick ourselves up by the bootstraps, life will get better.  Still, as we seek time alone, something seems to be missing.

We believe God has created us for something more than that.  Our journey through life isn’t one that we need to walk alone.  At Valley View, we actively work to join people together in our Small Groups. Each group meets weekly for study, prayer, and fellowship.  Groups are built around the command of Hebrews 10:24 (ESV), “Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.”  God has created us to walk and grow together in life.”


Now that sounds like fun, and it is.  If you recently started attending Valley View, we want to offer you an opportunity to know us better.  You will meet the pastors and staff, learn more about the church, connect with other families, learn how you can become involved and have your questions answered.  Join us at the next event and satisfy that curiosity about your new church home.  This event is held quarterly, and follows immediately after the third service on a given Sunday.  Childcare is provided.


The greatest form of leadership is service to others.  Every leader is a servant first.  From the parking lot to the pulpit, everyone serves.  Each role is different but they are equally important.  Matthew 20:28 reminds us that even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve.  God has planned a life of service for each of us.  Volunteers are the backbone of everything that goes on at Valley View.  Individuals using their gifts, talents, and abilities to fulfill the vision God has called us to.  Serving others is serving God.  God is more interested in why you do what you do than He is interested in what you do.  Serving reflects the heart and the love of God poured out to others.

You were created for service.  If you are not serving somewhere, you’re missing out on the very reason you were created.  At Valley View we don’t want to see that happen.  Take a minute to fill out the form below or text “serve” to (505) 544-4111.  As you serve, remember the words of the Psalmist David, “Serve the Lord with gladness!  Come into his presence with singing.”  Psalm 100:2 (ESV).